• Beach Makunduchi

  • Villa Fleur de Lys - private beach

  • Private beach at low tide

  • Sea spray at high tide

The beach

At Villa Fleur de Lys, we have our own private naturally formed cove and beach where, at low tide, you can walk along the Indian Ocean on the coral rocks and sand, or enjoy a quiet beach walk.

Long unspoilt palm-fringed white sandy beaches are accessible 200 m south of the hotel. Here you will see local beach life as villagers dig in the sand for clams, local fisherman preparing octopus for eating and children playing with their home built boats.

At high tide, you can sit at the Hotel’s elevated edge on a local baraza (seat) and allow yourself to be mesmerised by the waves and ocean breeze.

Beach Shuttle

Every day we have a free return beach shuttle to Jambiani (on request).