About us

About us _moon riseThe owners fell in love with Zanzibar and, in particular, this location. They wanted to build for the future, something small and personal – but it turned out differently. Building in stages, the project developed creating something different, something well thought out, with all rooms facing the sea.

Time went by and, when second floor was ready to be roofed, they noticed the astonishing 180 degree view, compelling them to build a third floor to take full advantage of the view. Suddenly the dream was too big to be just a home, and a plan to ensure continuity had to be found. They knew that it would be a waste for this unique villa to stand empty when it could provide others with the same breathtaking view So they decided to open it as a boutique hotel.

“It is so beautiful here so it should not be kept from others and we decided to share this beautiful corner of the universe”.What we want to achieve is a place that gives pleasure, and share our home with others. This is a place for friends and for guests that want to make new friends”.