• Private breakfast

  • Terrace lunch

  • Terrace dinner

  • Open air breakfast


Coffee on baraza

The cuisine is a fusion of African and Western influences. Our á la carte menu is included in the Half Board package providing multiple choices every day. This is an opportunity to try all the fresh and tasty seafood from the Indian Ocean. Ask our staff what they recommend for the day…lobster, cigali, clams, crabs, prawns- just enjoy.

Our chef is a Zanzibari, and well experienced in both Zanzibari and Western cuisine. We are proud of how he manages every day to delight us with his innovative cross kitchen ideas. He will gladly create your favourite dishes or offer dishes composed of Zanzibari flavours, and blends including green banana, cassava, bread fruit, sweet potato and exotic seasonal fruit, such as guava, pineapple, mangos and shoki shoki (rambutan).
If you have preferences, he will adjust the menu to your personal requirements.

Eat where you want

We are happy to serve you in any of our seating areas- on your private balcony, at the pool, outside or inside the lounge area -wherever you prefer. Want a picnic instead? No problem.

Fruit garden

The fruit in our garden, papaya, passion fruit, banana, is used in the kitchen. We are planning a vegetable and herb garden, for you to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables every day.