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  • East coast sunrise Zanzibar

  • Mangrove sailing with canoe

    Mangrove sailing with canoe

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The Zanzibar archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of many islands, the main two being Unguja (known as Zanzibar) and Pemba. Mafia island lies to the south of Zanzibar. A number of smaller islands and islets surround the Zanzibar archipelago; only two of them, Tumbatu and Uzi, are inhabited.
Unguja (Zanzibar) is characterised by its beautiful palm fringed white sandy beaches. The coral reefs that surround the East Coast are perfect for snorkelling and day trips. There are both turtles and dolphins and there is a considerable chance of interacting with them . The historic Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage and when wandering around the narrow alleys you feel as if you are in ancient Persia.

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Zanzibar lies 6° south of the equator, which means the island is warm all year round. The heat of summer (November to March) is often cooled by a refreshing breeze, especially on the coast. Summer and winter peak in December and June respectively and the short rains can occur in November but are characterised by brief showers followed by sun. The longer rains, the ‘Green Season’, normally occur in April and May and typically it only rains for an hour or two and not every day during that time. Zanzibar is lovely to visit all year around.


Dollars and Tanzanian shilling are both used in Zanzibar. ATM machines are only available in the airport and in Stone Town so if you are going to the coast bring enough cash since very few places accept VISA card or MasterCard. However, Villa Fleur de Lys accepts Visa & MasterCard (with 5% charged by the bank)


Speed ferries run frequently from Dar es Salaam. The 2-hour journey costs 35 USD (one way) and is a safe and comfortable way to get to Zanzibar. Tickets can be bought at the harbor, however, since the ferries are a popular method of travel, it is advisable to buy your ticket beforehand if you have a preferred departure time.



From Dar: 7.00 9.30 12.30 3.45
From Znz: 7.00 9.30 12.30 3.45


Flying from Dar to Zanzibar gives you a beautiful view of Zanzibar and its surrounding islands and sandbanks. The trip takes about 30 min and costs app. 80-90 USD one way.


A Single Entry Tourist Visa is available at the Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar Airports. The visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, and costs 50 USD (for EU citizens). Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.